The Physical Phoenix

My goal is to drink beer and eat bacon and still look awesome naked. Oh, and I want to see how big and round my booty can get.


So I know everything I’ve been posting is all Lyle McDonald oriented, but this is useful information for those finding it impossible to eat out with friends. Do it! just remember to calculate macros (if you do) and what this adds to your caloric allotment for the day (if you even count that). If you don’t “eat clean”, it’s still a good finding. read it. now. 

Good insights here: This study basically backs up what I’ve been saying for years:  a single fast food meal, within the context of a calorie controlled diet, is not death on a plate.  It won’t destroy your diet and it won’t make you immediately turn into a big fat pile of blubber.  And, frankly, this can be predicted on basic physiology (in terms of nutrient digestion) alone.  It’s just nice to see it verified in a controlled setting.