The Physical Phoenix

My goal is to drink beer and eat bacon and still look awesome naked. Oh, and I want to see how big and round my booty can get.
Fitness Model, Jamie Eason: “My arms look lean in this photo because I had just finished doing drop sets for my rear delts and for the outer portion of my shoulder (lateral raises). I find that drop-sets, though not awesome for strength, give me the best separation between my shoulder and tricep. If you are not familiar with drop-sets, check out this great article by Tom Venuto on - http://"

Interesting article! While I do want to become stronger and more athletic, there are also some things I want just for aesthetics, like a pronounced outer shoulder (that shoulder/tricep separation Jamie is talking about) and, of course, a big butt. Note to self: Find a way to apply drop sets to outer shoulders & glutes.
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